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  • Kem. Please don't be mad for that thread. As a disabled Veteran, I can't be online to to find everything. I interrogated the company and they explained they created the app to go to official websites for Intel, Nvidia, and the varying companies that make PC hardware.
    So I hope you don't hold a grudge against me for that.
    hey im having issues downloading updates as i am constantly getting the error code for access is denied any help?
    Is this for windows 7 or windows 10?
    If it's windows 7 then Microsoft have changed the way you can access the updates. Try this link:
    The convenience roll up package (KB3125574) contains all updates since SP1. You can access this package at the Microsoft Update calalog :
    Im not sure if you know about this but my issue is that I forgot my windows 7 administration password. When I do the f8 reboot and then enter in the command prompt im told in the next screen to type something and then change, but it doesn't bring me there. Just straight back into the main login. So the other option is to use a disk but I don't have another computer to get the program. Is to there nothing else?
    Hi Brie, do you have a friend who could perhaps download the disk for you?
    Hi, just joined this site out of sheer frustration with Windows 10. This afternoon an update seemed to force itself onto my laptop. It has totally disrupted my photo filing system in Photoshop Elements 13 which I use all the time. I am livid right now. What is the point of a system that can disrupt one's whole filing system.
    Hi Carli,
    sorry to hear you've had issues although i must first explain that we are not actually Microsoft . This is a forum simply to help those that use windows and have an issue of some sort.
    It's always better to create a thread in the forum proper as that way many more eye's will see it than back here.
    You could try System restore if you have a restore point?
    All the icons on my desktop is zoomed in, I don't know what do ?
    Hi Isaam, your better off creating a new thread in the forum as more people will see it and answer.
    Hey kemical
    How do I block this site in the Mail app ?
    Bitdefender Internet Security keeps saying it's bad and it's coming from Outlook Mail.
    If you mark it as spam then whenever it get's posted to you again it will go straight into the spam box or at least should do.. :)
    I have had constant warnings for 2-3 days now that my Yahoo account is "out of date". When I go to my Yahoo synced account & click "FIX IT" it requests my PW (which is correct,) yet the problem persists with every 15-30 mins. warning. Looking at the feedback on the site, it seems there are hundreds of people with this same problem in the past few days. Please, I need HELP to resolve this.
    Hi kemical. Just joined the forum trying to find an answer. Not used to forums and it seems difficult to know where to go. I saw you here and wondered if I could ask you a question. When Win 10 came out, I downloaded it and found that my beloved MS MONEY 2008 would not work, so I uninstalled WIN 10. Do you know if the incompatibility has been fixed if I were to download it again?
    just wanted to say hi and ask when you have time, if you might comment and suggest to my question about credential hep. I becoming forgetful in my old age. Thank you and be well as always. Oh, I did get a brand new Dell 2in1. So, I will not be experimenting with this one. But, it sure is nice though. Be well!!!
    Are you in a category like Windows 7 help and support? look top right and a little way down, It's a big blue button.
    Hi: I got this reply in answer to a question about how to post a question on the site:

    to me
    Click on a section which relates to your operating system such as windows 10, once the next page opens look up to top right and click ‘Post new thread’. You should now be able to give your new thread a title and content.

    I don't see anything on the top right that says "Post new thread."
    I had windows 8. I was prompted to install free windows 10 and said yes. Now my computer just blinks from the basic Gateway screen to black over and over with cursor appearing to be working. I tried restarting but it does the same thing every time. Please help.

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